Lash Extensions Course

Set your self apart from the rest! Earn your Seva Academy Lash Extension certification and join one of the fastest growing trends in the beauty industry.

Over the years we’ve taught students from all over the country, and indeed the world, the art and technique of Lash Extension application. Our Lash Extension course follows a tried and true training methodology-the same technique we employ for training our staff at our salons across the country!

Part 1: Learn the Basics of Beautiful Lashes

  • We will teach you about all the tools needed to become a Master Lash Artist. From length to color and beyond, choosing the perfect lash and tools is essential to a great application.

Part 2: Maintaining A Safe And Healthy Environment

  • Review common contraindications and sanitation best practices to ensure a healthy, professional lash extension service.

Part 3: Learn the Seva Technique of the Lash Extension Application

  • Our tried and true, in-depth Lash Application Techniques will cover everything from a simple strip eyelash application method, to a speed enhancing quick individual flare application method.

Part 4: The Lash and Beyond

  • Learn the skills to design the perfect lash for your client with shape and symmetry. Become a Master Lash Artist.